One inch of rain will produce about 600
gallons of water per 1,000 square feet of

A 3,000 square foot roof will produce about
75,600 gallons per year in the Triad area

A 40,000 square foot commercial roof will
produce over 1,000,000 gallons per year
RAIN PRO is your ultimate source for
Rainwater Harvesting products and

We offer only the most state of the art products
to assure you the best possible system that will
be as maintenance free as possible and give the
most value per dollar spent.

A well designed and installed system can give
you many, many years of comfort that you are
helping to preserve our most precious resource
and begin to pay you back in a very short amount
of time.

Water and other resource conservation is a
responsibility of everyone.

It takes one bottle of oil to produce one bottle of

For Future Generations

Only about 30 percent of all treated water for
residential purposes is used for drinking,
bathing or cooking.
The rest is used for irrigation, laundry, flushing
toilets, etc.
Rainwater collection is becoming more and more
popular in the southeast as well as the rest of
the US.
Since water will continuously be less abundant,
it will become increasingly more difficult to
obtain a permit for lawn irrigation without an
alternative water supply.
RAIN PRO can be your solution and a  proactive
approach to prevent fighting with city hall or your

There is a GRANT program in NC (CCAP), that
may pay up to 75% for the materials and
installation of a cistern
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Gray Water
Rainwater should not be confused with grey water.
Gray water is the drain effluent from a bathtub, shower,
washing machine or sink and is illegal in many states for
Harvested rainwater is a much purer source and
can be filtered to completely potable (chlorine
free) water.

"Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated
water is 93% higher than among those whose
does not contain chlorine."
U.S. Council of Environmental Quality

In a ten minute shower you absorb more
chlorine through your skin and through inhalation
than you do drinking
eight 8 ounce glasses of tap water.
An EPA study done by Dr. Lance A. Wallace
Randolph Community College
1500 gallon
In Ground Filters
In-line Filters & UV
Do you irrigate with municipal water?
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It is essential that you use an American Rainwater Catchment
Systems Association Accredited Professional for
implementing your system.
An  ARCSA AP has knowledge of the most tried and proven
information, products, design and system installation
methods from across the globe.
Rain Pro has been accredited since 2008.